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Madame Pivot has became a trademark in the tango industry. One of the most recognizable tango shoes made in Italy!

You will spot them on dance floors around the world, and would want to see who is wearing them…


What makes this brand so fabulous and desirable is the quality of Italian craftsmanship, the elegant aesthetics and fashionable design to create the most comfortable and durable tango shoes!


Madame Pivot has the highest standards for the finest Italian quality and materials, with the strictest attention to details using some of the most durable and luxurious leathers from Italy, creating a masterpiece for your feet.The shoes unique qualities and designs will make dancing an even more enjoyable experience.

Comfort and quality at your feet!


마담피봇 한국 지사 사이트입니다.

(Madame Pivot Korea branch site.)


마담피봇의 디자인과 모든 관계된 저작물에 대해서는 본사 MADAME PIVOT 이 가지고있으며 이를 무단, 불법으로 도용 할 시 에는 한 -EU FTA 법률에 의거하여 그에 따른 법적조치가 이루어짐을 알려드립니다.


이탈리아 가죽 세공의 명소 피렌체에서

탄생한 "마담피봇"은 높은 퀄리티와 착화감

그리고 이태리 세련되고 스페셜한 디자인으로

이루어진 프리미엄 탱고화 입니다. 

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